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Olight Warrior 3S

Olight Warrior 3S

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Warrior 3S

New Improvements to the Classic Warrior Series

The Olight Warrior 3S takes everything you know and love about the Warrior and takes it to the next level! With the combination of the signature dual switch design with a proximity sensor, this flashlight is the perfect on or off-duty light. Pocket-sized and adaptable to the tactical lifestyle, the Warrior 3Sis a home run for law enforcement and security professionals.

With the ability to output up to 2,300 lumens and a 300 meter throw, the Warrior 3S makes seeing across large distances a breeze. You have the TIR optic combined with the high performance of a cool white LED to thank for that. Easily access strobe or turbo mode with a few quick presses of the tail switch - never be caught off guard without the mode you need most!

Proximity Sensor

Taking inspiration from the Warrior X and Warrior Mini 2, the 3S incorporates a proximity sensor into its design. This sensor will automatically drop the brightness of the light once it gets too close to objects while turned on high, turbo, or strobe. This safety feature protects the LED and your personal belongings for the long haul.

Visual Battery & Brightness Indicators + Magnetic Charging

The Warrior 3S runs on a single, customized 21700 battery. The proprietary nature of this battery is what makes it compatible with Olight's signature magnetic charging system. Charge the battery inside your flashlight by attaching the magnetic charging cable to the tail cap. Since the tail cap is magnetic, you can also use it hands-free by sticking it to any metal surface!

Need to know your remaining battery life in a single glance? Olight has you covered with LEDs surrounding the side switch. The left side shows the remaining brightness while the right indicates how much power remains in the battery.

Turbo High Medium Low Moonlight
Lumens: 2300 800 200 15 1
Runtime (Hours): 0.04 2.76 13 130 1320
Output Modes: 3+ Brightness Levels
Compatible Batteries: 1 x 21700
Batteries Included: Yes
Included Accessories: Batteries, Holster, Magnetic Charging Cable, Pocket Clip, User Manual
Flashlight Usage: Tactical
Throw Distance (Max): 300m
Switch Location: Tail and Side Switches
Product Certifications: ANSI, IPX-8, CE, RoHS

BRIGHTNESS 2,300 ⥊800 ⥊250lumens 800 ⥊250lumens 200lumens 15lumens 1lumens 13Hz
RUNTIME 2.5 +160 +39minutes 166 +39minutes 13hours 130hours 55days
DISTANCE 300meters 180meters 90meters 25meters -
INTENSITY 23,000candela 8,500candela 2,200candela 180candela -
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